Canoeing on Kongeåen

A canoe trip on Kongeåen is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Kongeåen is 56 km long and runs beautifully through the South Jutland landscape. However, the river changes markedly on a canoe trip from east to west. In the beginning, Kongeåen is narrow and runs under high old bridges, which yields an exciting and intense experience. Soon, however, the river grows larger and flows past open fields and meadows with a beautiful view and forest areas with a rich animal and plant life.

Your Canoe Trip on Kongeåen Starts Here

If you want to go canoeing on Kongeåen, you have many options. For example, you can start your trip east of Vejen, where you sail a short distance along the beautiful Andst Å. From here, the entire stretch until Kongeåslusen is navigable. Go to the tab “Plan Trip” to find suggestions for routes, accommodation and much more. Also, feel free to contact us.

Ideal Start and End Points on Kongeåen:

  • Søengvej by Andstbro (Gamst).
  • Frihedsbroen (You can park at the parking place south of the river and get your canoe into the water on the opposite side).
  • At Foldingbro from the parking place at Grænsevej.
  • At Villesbøl from the parking place close to the road.

Camping and Canoeing on Kongeåen

There are also many options for accommodation along Kongeåen. For example, we have tent pitches at Vejen Fodboldgolf & Kanocenter, Frihedsbroen, Nielsbygårdsvej.

Other campsites around Kongeåen:

Foldingbro Camping tel. 75 38 10 78

Kongeå Camping, Villebøl tel. 75 43 71 05

Restrictions for Canoeing on Kongeåen:

Canoeing is permitted from 15 May until 31 December and may only take place in the direction of the current.