Along the rivers and creeks, there are tent sites with toilet facilities as well as campfire sites. Landing, traffic and overnight stay on privately owned areas may only take place after agreement with the owner. When crossing barriers, please make sure to follow the instructions. Do not throw rubbish in the wild, but take it with yourself.

Your canoeing must not be to the detriment or inconvenience of the rivers and creeks. Therefore, damaging the bottom and banks of the watercourses and the vegetation around it is forbidden. Likewise, disturbance of wildlife in and around the watercourses is forbidden. Furthermore, canoeing in reed forests is forbidden.

Your canoeing also must not bother other people on the watercourses. Noisy and provocative behavior is, therefore, prohibited. Sailing with linked canoes and competitive sailing is also not allowed. Angling may only take place with a valid fishing license.

You can find out more in the booklet about canoeing on the Southern Jutland rivers and creeks. Please click here!