Canoeing in Southern Jutland

Canoeing on the Southern Jutland rivers and creeks has become increasingly popular, as a canoe trip offers great outdoor experiences for the whole family. However, due to the high demand, canoeing in Southern Jutland is regulated and limited. On the one hand, this is to protect nature and, on the other hand, to give the visitors the best possible experiences.

Learn Canoeing on the Rivers and Creeks of Southern Jutland

On most routes, canoeing is only permitted in the direction of the current. However, this does not apply to Ribe Å. You do not require any instruction prior to the trip. Canoeing is, in other words, suitable for everyone and a very fun and safe activity.

During your trip, try to maneuver without hitting the banks of the river and avoid bumping into the ground. In addition, safety must always be in order. Many of the creeks have deep passages, and the current can be surprisingly strong. Therefore, always make sure to wear life jackets. There are very few places where you have to carry your canoe on very short distances.

Nature Experiences in Southern Denmark

When sitting in the canoe, you are very close to nature, which means that you will experience your surroundings in a different perspective. You get close to the creek’s lush plant life, including its white-flowered water crowfoot and the bank’s yellow iris.

The Southern Jutland rivers and creeks are also home to a rich and varied bird life. On the water, you can often see coots and mallards, and along the shore the heron can lurk for fish or frogs. In some places, you can even be lucky and see that shy kingfisher.

There are fine stocks of both trout and stalling in many of the streams, but they are very shy, so you have to move quietly to see them. Many small animals live part of their lives in the rivers and creeks and then hatch and swarm in large numbers, such as flies and water nymphs.