Canoeing on Gels Å (68 km to Ribe)

Gels Å is a large southern Jutland river that springs close to highway E45 in the east and flows into Fladså and Ribe Å before it reaches the North Sea at Kammerslusen in Ribe. A canoe trip on Gels Å is a wonderful experience for the whole family, but the river with its more challenging passages also appeals to more experienced canoe sailors. Speedy passages over challenging rapids provide an almost whitewater rafting-like experience at times. However, after that Kongevejen, between Arnum and Tiset, the river quiets down.

A Varied Nature Experience

A canoe trip on Gels Å offers a very varied nature experience. You can sail from Bevtoft (Diagonalvejen) to Ribe (Engen by Kurveholm) without having to carry your canoe anywhere. Through Kastrup Enge, the river is winding and canal-like, but the stream meanders naturally and very beautifully at Stensbæk Plantage and below Aftægten in Enderupskov.

Restrictions for Canoeing on Gels Å:

Canoeing is permitted everywhere from the bridge west of Bevtoft (idv. 324 Diagonalvej) to Gelsbro. From Gelsbro until Gram Å, sailing is permitted from 1 April to 15 November from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Canoeing may only take place in the direction of the current.

Landing at Gels Å:

Accommodation is only allowed at registered campsites or specially equipped campsites. Bonfires are only allowed at fireplaces.

Tent Pitches Near Gels Å:

Åbøl tent site

Gelstoft v / Ove Sørensen, tel. 74 82 62 61
Enderup Skov v / Markus Hansen, tel. 74 82 21 08

Outdoor experiences around Gels Å

Gels Å runs through Stensbæk Plantage. You can find out more about Stensbæk Plantation in the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s pamphlet. The beautiful nature around Gelså yields inspiring outdoor experiences, and the area’s large trout and sea trout population attracts many anglers. Link to the Gels Å Association. You can also read more about canoeing on Gels Å here!

Enjoy Your Canoe Trip on Gels Å

If you plan to go canoeing on Gels Å, you have many options. For example, you can start your trip at Bevtoft or Kastrup Sluse or sail on the quieter part of the river from Kongevejen and West. Under the tab “Plan Trip” on this page, you will find more suggestions for routes as well as information about accommodation and much more. You are, of course, also welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.