Canoe trip on Ribe Å

A canoe trip on Ribe Å is a wonderful experience for the whole family. The river is formed by the confluence of Gels Å and Gram Å.

Departed in a canoe on Ribe Å

You can start the canoe trip at Stavnagerbro, from where there are approx. 10 km to Ribe. Just east of Ribe you sail through a game reserve (Ribe Østerå). Immediately after crossing the railway bridge in Ribe, turn left and follow Stampemølleå approx. 200 meters up the river, where there is a pick-up point.

Restrictions on Ribe Å:

Canoeing on Ribe Å is allowed all year round. You can sail east-west on the trip and both with and against the current.