We are incredibly thankful for the great local support that our project meets.

We are supported by the Danish Agricultural Agency and the EU and have LAG VEJEN/BILLUND as a partner. In addition, we are currently in the process of expanding our accommodation facilities, which are supported by LAG Vejen/Billund.

You can find out more about the grant opportunities here:
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
Europe invests in rural areas.

We Collaborate with Udvikling Vejen , which together with us has a great interest in our area and region as a whole being an attractive area for both tourists and locals.
See more about the area’s possibilities at Visit Vejen

The main sponsors of our MULTIBANE:
Henning Have

Sponsors of “ET HUL I JORDEN”:
PRO TRÆ – Skodborg
Mogens Shelde Hansen – Suzuki-Mazda
Roos Auto
Vognmand Anders Keller
FB Camping Service
JP El-service
Murermester Steen Meyer
CN Maskinfabrik – Tiset
LB Byg
Øko Frø
T. Nørregaard
Boligforeningen Kongeåen
Skodborg Dækservice
Rostgård Maskinstation
Nordic Staldkemi
Karl Åge Jensen Tagdækning

Sponsors of TRAILERS for the 2020 season:
Zero Auto – 2 trækvogne
PRO-TRÆ – 2 trækvogne
Snor og Snor – 1 trækvogn
Skodborg Vesterkro – 1 trækvogn
Blomsterstedet – 1 trækvogn
OK Skilte og print – 1 trækvogn
Bennys Auto – 1 trækvogn
Dagli’brugsen Skodborg – 1 trækvogn
Københoved Forsamlingshus – 1 trækvogn
Boligforeningen Kongeåen – 1 trækvogn
Gadeberg Begravelsesforretning – 1 trækvogn
Spillestedet Nørreris – 1 trækvogn

Sponsors of TABLES/BENCHES for the 2020 season:
Vejen VVS
– Fårkrog Malkecenter