Canoeing on Gram Å

Gram Å is one of the longest rivers in Southern Jutland and runs from Christiansfeld in the East and all the way to the Wadden Sea at Kammerslusen in Ribe in the West. Along the way, Gram Å flows into Gels Å and Ribe Å. Gram Å offers a rich animal and plant life, and the water in the river is very clean. The river meanders beautifully through the South Jutland landscape and runs i.e. through the beautiful castle lake at Gram Slot. Gram Å is approximately 55 km long (Gram to Ribe), and the navigable stretch is 23.4 km – from Øster Lindet (Vrå) to the confluence with Gels Å. From there you can continue to Ribe (10 km).

Restrictions for Canoeing on Gram Å:

Canoeing is permitted all year round, but may only take place in the direction of the current.

Landing and Fishing at Gram Å:

Accommodation is only permitted at specially equipped campsites, and bonfires are only permitted at special fire pits. Fishing may only take place with a valid fishing license.

You can read more about canoeing on Gram Å here!

Enjoy Your Canoe Trip on Gram Å

If you want to go canoeing on Gram Å, you have many options. For example, you can start your trip in Øster Lindet or Gram and canoe all the way to the North Sea, or you can plan a nice day trip on a part of the river. Under the tab “Plan Trip” you will find suggestions for routes, accommodation and much more. You are of course also welcome to contact us.